Rules of Engagement: New Trading Communications Platform on Duty

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Ran on: Thursday July 10, 2014

Capital markets workflows are becoming more automated.  This is no secret.   Even the most complex, customized and exotic corners of the trading world are subject to increasing doses of technical automation.  But, in one of great ironies of the coming age, no level of automation is going to eliminate the need for traders, sales directors, and project managers to communicate more effectively with clients, counterparties and colleagues.  In fact, new innovations are evolving traditional high-touch tasks into smart engagement tasks.  Through highly-integrated and unified communications services, impactful and efficient collaboration and engagement solutions may finally have arrived – and just in time, since the rules of engagement in the trading ecosystem need to change too.  

In this TabbFORUM webinar, a panel of specialists will discuss:

  • Key components of unified communications (UC) platforms
  • A broad spectrum of use cases that include both revenue opportunities and regulatory responses
  • New analytical solutions that benefit from UC platforms..


  • Jack Bloch, Head of Development Trading and Dispatch, Unify Inc.
  • Chris Ferreri, Managing Director, Head of e-Commerce Americas, ICAP
  • Jon J. Simone, Compliance Subject Matter Expert Trading Floors Business Unit, NICE
  • E. Paul Rowady, Principal & Head of Data and Analytics Research, TABB Group

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