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Dave Cummings

Tradebot Systems

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Dave Cummings

Innovations in Trading and Technology

The Business of High Frequency Trading
15 November 2012:

Dave Cummings, owner and Chairman of Tradebot Systems, one of the largest high frequency trading firms in the world, sits down with CNBC's Bob Pisani. On any given day, Tradebot typically accounts for five to 10 percent of total stock volume.

Interviewer Bob Pisani, CNBC   Source: CNBC   Categories: Equities, Derivatives, Technology, Regulatory, Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities
Topics: Compliance, High Frequency Trading, Liquidity management, Regulations

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1 Comment to "The Business of High Frequency Trading":
  • Comment_salarnuk

    15 November 2012

    Here he briefly mentions the Flash Crash as an example where the market needed speed bumps, as there are limits to the amount of traffic that can go through pipes. This is certainly a step up from libeling and blaming Waddell and Reed:

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