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Larry Tabb

TABB Group

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Larry Tabb

Data Storage and the CFTC
28 January 2011:

Larry Tabb, CEO of TABB Group, talks about the implications of the lack of data storage available at the CFTC.

Interviewer Gregory Crawford   Source: TABB TV   Categories: Derivatives
Topics: OTC derivatives

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1 Comment to "Data Storage and the CFTC":
  • Comment_tabb_-_paul_rowady_hi-res

    28 January 2011

    Take it to the Cloud!! Seriously, data storage is cheap. Perhaps, given the security requirements of the CFTC and the relative lack of technical acumen within the organization - maybe, my assumption - then acquiring incremental data storage might be a little more difficult and expensive than for other groups. That said, OTCD data does not even hold a candle to the data capacity needs of listed markets which can have gobs of ticks per second. remember, OTCD trades come in large size and much much fewer times per day. For example, last year Markit processed roughly 19 million trade sides in OTCD. assuming double counting, that's roughly 38,000 trades per day, across all asset classes and I would assume across all regions. The US footprint on this turnover is estimated by us to be 23% for 2010 or 8700 trades per day. Relative to listed markets, this is simply not alot of data. So, I would propose that data storage is not the problem. CFTC budgets may be tight, but these figures suggest the addition of another server or two. Analyzing the data is where the true challenges for the CFTC lie.

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