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A New Age For Storage: Opportunities For Trading
04 October 2012:

The capital markets are built on data. In fact, data management is the No. 1 business driver of capital markets technology investment, and enhanced data management is the most sought-after feature among front-office solutions. View this on-demand/exclusive webinar and learn how leading storage technologies can help your firm compete in today’s high-speed markets.

Our expert panelists will discuss how high-performance database solutions:

  • Provide the lowest-latency, highest-performance tick capture and market data analysis available.
  • Enable trading firms to execute back-testing of data in a fraction of the time it took in the past.
  • Allow financial firms to run risk/compliance calculations against a common pool with no performance penalty.


  • Mark King: Global Strategy Director, Banking and Securities- Dell
  • John Overton: CEO and Founder, Kove
  • Adam Sussman: Partner, Head of Research, TABB Group

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