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Clearing's days as a sleepy back office function are long gone, thanks to more demanding portfolio managers, compliance officers, regulators and even investors. Throw in a global financial crisis and ever-increasing competition and you’ve got a world of change. This Spotlight Series, sponsored by Cinnober, provides a roadmap of sorts to the world of clearing in general, real-time clearing specifically. The series will feature articles, white papers, research, news and news releases on the business of clearing.



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    Moving to the Next Generation in Clearing Technology

    Jan Arpi, CEO of Cinnober, talks about how the company developed its clearing technology and how important the risk management component of clearing has become.
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    The Changing Role of the Clearing Firm

    Correspondent broker-dealers are increasingly looking to clearing firms for more. Are the clearing firms stepping up to the plate and delivering? David Fetter, CEO of Quadron Data Solutions, answers that ...
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    HFT Clearing: A TABB Group Case Study

    Robert Iati, a partner at TABB Group, discusses the not-so-sleepy business of clearing and how a relatively new breed of clearing firms has cropped up to meet a need: HFT.

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25 August 2011

I Can See Clearly Now: Taking 'Real Time' Beyond Risk Management

Per-Anders H\303\244ll Bedman, Cinnober Financial Technology AB

Most market players agree that real-time risk management is a necessity, Hall-Bedman says. Less noticed is the value of connecting real-time risk management with real-time clearing. rest of story...

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Clearing Getting Pushed to Speed Up

Elizabeth Riegel, TabbFORUM Contributing Editor

Riegel says increased regulation and the prevalence of high-frequency trading have combined to push clearing and technology firms to speed up the clearing function. Continue

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