Spotlight-orange-med Spotlight Series: OTC Derivatives Reform

In the spring of 2009 it seemed like a slam dunk that OTC derivatives clearing would be in full swing in a couple years. But today, regulators, led by the CFTC, are struggling to publish rules that codify Dodd-Frank in the U.S. Similar efforts are ongoing in Europe as well. This Spotlight Series offers a one-stop repository for commentary, analysis and information on the maelstrom that is OTC derivatives regulatory reform.



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    Know Your Counterparty

    With the move to SEFs and other electronic platforms in the swaps market, participants no longer know who their counterparties are, creating a lack of trust, according to MarkitSERV's Jeff Maron. As we ...
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    Fragmentation of Swaps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Is fragmentation in the swaps market good for the industry? Is the futurization of swaps the natural evolution of the market? From the proliferation of SEFs and the search for liquidity, to the costs of ...
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    CFTC Proposal Poses “Monumental” Challenge to FCMs

    A rule proposed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) designed to strengthen safeguards for customer deposits at futures commission merchants (FCMs) is threatening to overhaul the futures ...

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21 February 2013

DTCC vs. CME: A Battle Between Competition and Regulation?

Neal Wolkoff, Wolkoff Consulting Services, LLC

In determining whether the CME can use the ‘closed access’ model of the futures markets for swaps trades, the CFTC seemingly must weigh the benefits of competition against the need to protect investors. Unfortunately for DTCC’s position, the anti-competitive issues that it raises have little, if ... rest of story...

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Swaps Futurization: Issues, Debate, and So Many Open Questions

Larry Tabb, TABB Group

There are many questions surrounding swaps futures. The answers will dictate the winners and losers, not only of the swaps market, but of the macro global economy, and they could determine the nature and severity of the next financial crisis. Continue

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