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Expert networks, insider trading, high-frequency trading, flash crash. What links these topics together? Market surveillance – the ability of the buy side, sell side, regulators and other key players to track what’s going on microsecond by microsecond in every trading day. TabbFORUM's Spotlight Series on Market Surveillance, sponsored by Progress Software, is the one resource for all things surveillance. As an open community, TabbFORUM welcomes your ideas, articles and other thoughts on this upcoming series. Just drop an email to:



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    SEF Surveillance

    James Cawley, CEO of Javelin Capital Markets, talks about how Javelin is tackling the issue of surveillance and how the market can learn some lessons from other markets.
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    Consulting Case Study: System Monitoring on Wall Street

    Robert Iati, a partner at TABB Group, describes the three components of systems monitoring: infrastructure, applications and latency and talks about the size of the market and who the players are. ...
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    The role of broker/dealers in market surveillance

    Broker-dealers have some work to do to get up to speed as regulatory pressure to collect more data and better data increases. David Fetter, CEO of Quadron Data Solutions, discusses two key elements that are missing. ...

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28 November 2011

The Bullishness of the Ongoing Onslaught of Regulation

Rebecca Healey, TABB Group

Not so far out: Monitoring a trader in the Cayman who’s trading a London Stock Exchange stock on Chi-X. rest of story...

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Can Market Surveillance Help Keep Traders on Track?

Richard Bentley, ULLINK

In Europe at least, few financial firms fear regulators. Continue

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