Spotlight-orange-med Spotlight Series: Latency Matters

From seconds to milliseconds to microseconds and nanoseconds. The time it takes messages to travel, for orders to route and for performance to be monitored has continued to shrink as brokers, trading venues, money managers strive to improve their respective results. Latency has emerged as a key factor in determining the level of success a particular automated trading or market-making strategy achieves. This Spotlight Series, sponsored by Corvil, provides articles, videos and research on the latest in this fast-moving area of financial services.



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    TABB Breakfast Briefing: Latency Monitoring

    In this segment, the importance of relative latency, or measuring how your latency stacks up with the person next to you. With Paul O'Donnell, COO of BATS, Peter van Kleef, managing director of Lakeview Capital ...
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    The Return of the Network

    A year ago, latency talk focused on applications. At the recent World Exchange Conference in Madrid, it was the network. Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil, says that actually, it's not one or the other but both. ...
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    Latency: Inside the Machine

    The emerging microstructure and landscape of latency monitoring, with Henry Young, CEO of TS-Associates.

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30 May 2011

The Breakfast Club: Latency Monitoring for DMA

Will Rhode, Formerly TABB Group

Rhode breaks down TABB Group’s first breakfast meeting on latency monitoring, which focused on direct market access. rest of story...

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Low-Latency Trading: Which Door Will You Choose?

Brian Quigley, ADVA Optical Networking

Quigley says there are good arguments for all three possible approaches to supporting a low-latency trading strategy: contracting for a fully managed service, opting for a fractional/dim offering or using a private, dark-fiber network. Continue

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