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With this Spotlight Series, Innovations in Trading and Technology, TabbFORUM is featuring key innovators and innovations that continue to push financial services and capital markets to new frontiers. Whether it's data storage and management, messaging, latency, cloud computing or trading, if it's innovative, you can read about it here. If you have suggestions for articles or would like to submit one, contact



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16 April 2014

Improving Legacy Systems: Future-Proofing Back-Office IT Architecture

Robert Iati, TABB Group

The speed with which our industry moves may make it impossible to future-proof technology, but improving on and phasing out legacy technology is critical for achieving the improved accuracy, timeliness and adaptability that is required to support today’s markets. rest of story...

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The End of London, Redux

Will Rhode, TABB Group

The US has competitively advantaged itself by defining its financial reform rules faster than anyone else. Can London rebound to reclaim its spot as the top world financial center, or is it set for further declines? Continue

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