What's a Spotlight Series?

TabbFORUM's Spotlight Series shine a light on critical topics in our industry.

They're designed to highlight strategically important areas of the market, help you better understand complex issues, and assist you in making more informed decisions.

Spotlight Series showcase expertise and viewpoints from key industry participants and TABB Group analysts via feature articles, videos, podcasts, research and other information. As a TabbFORUM member, you're invited to write comments, exchange ideas and contribute your own content, as well as read and watch what's already been posted.

  • Innovations in Trading and Technology

    Sponsored by NYSE Technologies
    Innovations in Trading and Technology was launched in September 2010 to focus on innovations in areas such as networking, data storage, matching engines/latency, messaging, cloud computing and trading.
  • Mastering Risk

    Sponsored by Numerix
    Mastering Risk was launched in April 2013 and focuses on today’s increasingly complex markets, knowledge is power, and maintaining control is a matter of survival. Given the intensifying demands for greater transparency, stronger risk awareness, and tighter enterprise governance, the ability to analyze exploding volumes of data to improve decision making no longer is an option – it’s the only way to understand your positions, value assets, know your counterparties, and avoid disaster.
  • The Great HFT Debate

    Sponsored by TabbFORUM
    Though the value and fairness of high-frequency trading have been debated among capital markets professionals for years, and HFT occasionally has drawn fire from regulators since the global financial crisis, the controversy recently has been transformed into a very public trial of Wall Street in general, and the battle lines have been clearly drawn. Market participants, market structure experts, regulators and even private investors haven’t been shy about choosing sides. You’ll find the best arguments, opinions and news on both sides of the debate here, in TabbFORUM’s latest Spotlight Series, “The Great HFT Debate.”

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Spotlight Series Sponsorship

A company may sponsor a TabbFORUM Spotlight Series when it has an interest in, and wants its brand associated with, that topic. Executives from the sponsoring company may contribute articles and participate in videos, just as all other industry participants are welcome to.

Content for Spotlight Series must meet the editorial standards set by TabbFORUM.