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    KYC: The Other Counterparty Risk

    It’s time to redefine “KYC.” In the past, firms’ know-your-counterparty efforts have focused on meeting compliance requirements, resulting in ad hoc solutions to each new ...
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    HFT Middle Ground? Manoj Narang & Haim Bodek Agree on More Than You Think

    Manoj Narang, founder of HFT firm Tradeworx, and Haim Bodek, the original HFT 'whistleblower,' discuss -- calmly -- Michael Lewis and the good, the bad and the nuances of high-frequency trading. They have ...
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    Investment Research: Technology Wins Mindshare

    Even as research coverage has dwindled, investors are bombarded with investment information from online news sites, social media networks and bloggers. As a result, however, professional research often ...

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