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    The Past, Present and Future of Peer-to-Peer Lending: Ron Suber

    The peer-to-peer lending industry is revolutionizing the way people borrow and the ways they invest. Delivering the closing keynote address at LendIt USA 2015, Ron Suber, president of Prosper Marketplace, which ...
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    The Rise of Robo Advice: Threat or Opportunity?

    Automated investment advice continues to gain in popularity with investors looking to minimize costs, but traditional investment advisors should view the technology as an opportunity, according to Rich ...
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    Facing Off to Big Data

    Ninety percent of the world’s data has been created in the past two years, according to Fidessa’s Steve Grob, meaning our ability to produce information has surpassed our ability to interpret it and ...

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Miranda Mizen

Formerly TABB Group

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Miranda Mizen

24 January 2013

US and European Buy-Side Equity Trading: An Aggregate View

Depleted buy-side commission wallets, order allocation, CSA and algo trends, and commissions paid to top brokers easily point to similarities between the US and European markets. The evolution of today’s market structure, and with it trading behavior, used to largely follow the jet stream west to east, but wallets and regulation are changing the current.

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