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    What is the problem with Barclays' dark pool?

    Nick Hirschey, professor at the London Business School, speaking on CNBC's Squawk Box, discusses possible problems at Barclays' dark pool.   Related article: "Barclays Claims ...
  • Rail_thumb_rebecca

    Dark Pool Changes Already Have Begun

    Dark trading always has existed, relates TABB Group senior analyst Rebecca Healey, who says changes in market structure and the rise of automated trading moved traditional OTC transactions into dark pools. And ...
  • Rail_thumb_jos_schmitt-aequitas_innovations-rebalancing_the_markets-wlt-july_14_2014

    Rebalancing the Markets: The Problem with Market Making

    Most markets are based on price-time priority, which has fueled the race to zero on Wall Street and given rise to high-frequency trading as a market-making tool. But Aequitas Innovations is looking to mitigate the ...

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18 January 2013

17 January 2013