• Rail_thumb_aitken

    ‘Flash Boys’ Complete Nonsense: CMCRC’s Aitken

    CMCRC CEO Professor Michael Aitken, who has conducted multiple academic studies on HFT, says there is no evidence presented in the coverage stimulated by the release of Michael Lewis’s “Flash ...
  • Rail_thumb_ilya

    Shades of Grey Box Trading

    Even as quantitative methods and automated trading expand into increasingly cross-asset-class and cross-geography strategies, they also are beginning to gain a foothold in more traditional and discretionary ...
  • Rail_thumb_goldstein

    LEIs: A Panacea for Market Risk?

    Dodd-Frank mandated the creation of Legal Entity Identifiers, or LEIs, to identify institutions participating in financial transactions, particularly in the swaps and derivatives markets, and help ...

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8 November 2012