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    Private Equity for the Masses

    Private equity has been one of the most interesting and active asset classes over the past few years; but most individual investors, however, have been locked out of the market. Marcus New, CEO of InvestX, explains ...
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    Simplifying Market Good for All: NYSE’s Farley

    Thomas Farley, NYSE president, dispels rumors that the NYSE is for sale and that it will close its trading floor. Speaking on CNBC, he also acknowledges that exchanges, including the NYSE, lost their way when it ...
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    IT Dollars: Tech Spend, or Tech Investment?

    Financial firms sink a lot of money into technology, but are they spending wisely, investing in infrastructure that improves the outlook for their business? To find the answer, Paul Rowady, TABB Group principal ...

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Barclays takes a swing at NY Attorney General over HFT advantages

LeapRate Should Barclays succeed in overturning a complaint by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, it will represent the first time that any financial institution has counteracted the Martin Act and thus could set a precedent for dark pool operators and high frequency traders.

27 January 2015

NEO Exchange Has Successful Trading Test

Traders Canada's newest exchange, set to open in March, has completed its first successful system's test.

27 January 2015

From Birth to Adulthood in a Few Short Years: HFT’s Predictable Convergence to Competitive Normalcy

Streetwise Professor HFT has followed the trajectory of any technological innovation in a highly competitive environment.

27 January 2015

S.E.C. Has Yet to Set Rule on Tricky Ratio of C.E.O.’s Pay to Workers’

NY Times)($ While many have contended that chief executives of successful companies deserve handsome pay packages, that assertion does leave hanging the question of how to value the contribution of the average worker in relative terms.

27 January 2015

Saudi Stock Market to Open to Foreigners as Planned

Bloomberg Saudi Arabia said it’s on track to open the Arab world’s biggest stock market to foreigners in the first half of the year, confirming no change of policy since a new monarch ascended to the throne following King Abdullah’s death.

27 January 2015

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27 January 2015