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    Is There a One-Size-Fits-All Market Structure Fix?

    Venue and routing analytics are a game-changer, says TABB Group founder and CEO Larry Tabb. In today’s complex market, most institutional investors aren’t able to get the granular routing data that ...
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    Crashing Ashore: Scandal and the Future of Financial Regulation

    A core theme of the annual IOSCO conference in Rio de Janeiro is the development of market based financing. It is all part of a strategy to rejuvenate and rapidly expand the capital markets, linked to a re-conception ...
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    Innovation in the Futures Industry

    Einstein’s definition of insanity was repeating the same task over and over and expecting a different result each time. Julie Winkler of CME Group, speaking as part of JLN's MarketsWiki education ...

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Canada prepares for derivatives transparency overhaul

JLN Following the September 2009 commitment by G20 leaders to improve the integrity of the markets, reporting of derivatives trades to trade repositories has become critical to regulatory efforts to monitor and detect the build-up of risk in the financial system.

29 September 2014

Market Meltdown Curbs Approved by American Options Exchanges

Bloomberg U.S. equity options exchanges agreed to a set of rules in an effort to avoid market mishaps, including steps designed to stop quotes and trades from taking place at extreme prices and to prevent too many trades in a short period of time.

29 September 2014

Cost still an obstacle for swaps users?

FierceCFO Companies that use swaps to hedge risk cleared one hurdle recently only to find themselves facing another.

29 September 2014

DTCC and Euroclear seal collateral pool venture

FT)($ Two of the world’s largest securities depositories have finalised a joint venture to create a vast pool containing trillions of dollars of collateral to ease banks’ search for scarce assets to back trading.

29 September 2014

Don't Be a Tech Sucker

BloombergView The human capacity for making bad decisions about technology parallels bad approaches to trading and investing: Lots of unfounded rumors, emotional decision-making, poor risk-reward analysis, an inability to perform simple math, says Barry Ritholz.

29 September 2014

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29 September 2014