19 September 2014

Transforming the Sell-Side OMS: New Technology for New ...

Alexander Tabb, TABB Group

As the markets have become increasingly complex, the traditional sell-side order management system has failed to keep pace. In order to meet the intensifying demands of buy-side clients and regulators, the sell side must invest in innovative OMS technology that can handle new products and geographies while providing unprecedented transparency into ... rest of story...


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    Providing Ubiquitous Access: How to Start Moving to the Cloud

    The cloud promises both tremendous operating efficiencies and ubiquitous access to services and applications. But how can firms move traditional solutions into the cloud so their clients and partners can access ...
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    Restoring Market Confidence?

    Despite regulatory and industry efforts, confidence in the markets is at an all-time low. According to Robert Powell, global head of compliance and product management for Etrali Trading Solutions, traditional ...
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    TABB Group Offers Macro View of Futures and Options Markets

    There are a lot of pieces of information to pull together to gain a macro view of the markets. To help participants make sense of the futures and options markets, TABB Group has launched new quarterly reports that ...

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Venue and Routing Analytics: Driving Transparency and Increasing Execution Efficiency

Larry Tabb, TABB Group

There are too many questions being asked about market infrastructure and execution costs, and not nearly enough quantitative answers. Continue

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