20 October 2014

Four Ways Companies Can Encourage Innovation

After analyzing the progression of thousands of workplace ideas, researchers identified a few operational decisions that collectively paid off more than tenfold, revealing four approaches companies can use to spur innovation. rest of story...


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    Market Manipulation: Examining the Full Depth of Book

    With regulatory enforcement on the upswing and market confidence bottoming out, how can chief compliance officers ensure their firms don’t cross the line and add to the negative headlines? Firms that look ...
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    BattleFin - The Making of a Quant: Mark Angil of RBD Adaptive

    The mental fortitude (as opposed to technical ability) it takes to run a successful quantitative investment program took Mark Angil of RBD Adaptive by surprise. He says trading is at least 50% psychological - this ...
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    New Rules Needed for High-Tech Trading

    US regulators’ high-profile focus on high-frequency trading and dark pools has reined in predatory excesses and helped restore some investor confidence in the market, says Jim McCaughan, chief executive ...

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FinServ Technology Providers Must Step Up Risk Management

Jonathan Cathie, Gresham Computing

FCA considerations for firms thinking of using third-party technology banking solutions reinforce how important it is for technology suppliers to avoid being seen as a regulatory risk. Continue

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