01 October 2014

Datacenter Topology: How Big Is Your Big Data?

Paul Rowady, TABB Group

What defines big data in quantitative terms may be irrelevant; rather, all data needs to be treated as if it were big data. And the transformation occurring inside financial services datacenters reflects this new requirement. rest of story...


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    Corporate Actions: The Next Frontier

    Every trading desk on Wall Street, across all asset classes, shudders at the mention of corporate actions. While automation of corporate actions has gained ground, the proliferation of data sources and the lack of ...
  • Rail_thumb_eisen

    Collaboration: The Haves & Have Nots

    Though it doesn’t get the attention it warrants, collaboration is critical to the capital markets, and messaging technology has been the top tool in connecting portfolio managers, research analysts, ...
  • Rail_thumb_reynolds

    Bondcube’s Reynolds on the Need for New Bond Market Infrastructure

    Paul Reynolds, CEO of Bondcube, the new fixed income trading platform, discusses liquidity bottlenecks in the bond markets particularly for large orders and infrequently traded instruments with Mike ...

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More to SEFs Than Just Execution

Tod Skarecky, Clarus Financial Technology

With the emergence of post-trade services, there is potentially a lot more to swap execution facilities than just a place to go execute a swap. Continue

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