26 August 2014

Crowdfunding Is Going Viral

Scott Jordan, S. Jordan Associates

With the rise of social media, the emergence of crowdfunding, and unprecedented legislation, there has never been a better time for leveraging direct investing platforms to reach investors. Online investing in private equity is truly going viral. rest of story...


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    Is Speed Commoditized?

    The latest front in the high-speed arms race on Wall Street is microwave technology. But recent developments are likely to level the playing field rather than give proprietary traders an advantage, suggests Ari ...
  • Rail_thumb_katsuyama

    Flash Boy Katsuyama on Market Structure

    Brad Katsuyama, the founder of IEX who was featured in Michael Lewis’s high-frequency trading novel 'Flash Boys,' talks to the FT’s Nicole Bullock about the conflicts exchanges face and ...
  • Rail_thumb_chilton

    ‘It’s Important to Have Cross-Fertilization’: Chilton

    Former CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton, who was enlisted this week as an adviser by HFT industry group Modern Markets Initiative, speaking on CNBC, says it’s important to have people from the private sector ...

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Reigniting the Order Type Debate: Haim Bodek Explains the Real Issues with ‘Undocumented’ Order Type Features

Haim Bodek, Decimus Capital Markets, LLC

Despite a commendable wave of recent order type filings and disclosures, says Haim Bodek, confusion still exists, and the spate of filings offers minimal disclosure on the order type interactions central to potentially abusive order handling asymmetries. To provide a framework for analyzing the c... Continue

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