29 May 2015

The Lynch Mob – Banking, FIFA and Corruption

Miles Reucroft, Thomas Murray

There are numerous examples of corruption within FIFA, but it is clear that money has been the root of all evil. FIFA long has been perceived as a rotten organization – a soulless, morally bankrupt, corrupt cesspit. This same description is equally applicable to banks. rest of story...


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    Block Trading Supply Chain Is Broken

    Buy-side firms are growing increasingly uneasy with the lack of transparency into algorithmic executions; yet they continue to search for ways to navigate fragmented liquidity and trade large size. The problem, ...
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    Lobbyists, Not Infrastructure, Benefit from Industry Spending Since Crash

    Since the global financial crisis, Wall Street has spent money on lobbyists to fight regulations but not to improve the plumbing of the financial system, says Pamela Cytron, CEO, Pendo Systems. Speaking with ...
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    Avoiding Algo Disaster

    As the markets have grown increasingly complex, so too have the algorithms designed to navigate them. And capital markets firms increasingly are challenged to manage the risks associated with this algo ...

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Rigged FX Spot Market: The Tip of the Iceberg?

Stephen Anikewich, NICE Actimize

The major banks are looking to put FX trading scandals behind them after doling out multi-billions of dollars in fines. But regulators plan to turn up the heat on banks with further regulatory actions. Just where will regulators focus to uncover signs of potential market manipulation/abuse and co... Continue

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