29 January 2015

Pro-Reform Reconsideration of the CFTC Swaps Trading ...

J.C. Giancarlo, Commodity Futures Trading Commission

In a new white paper, CFTC Commissioner J. Christopher Giancarlo analyzes flaws in the CFTC’s implementation of its swaps trading regulatory framework under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act and proposes a more effective alternative. He identifies the adverse consequences of the flawed swaps trading rules and proposes an alternative swaps trading ... rest of story...


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    Simplifying Market Good for All: NYSE’s Farley

    Thomas Farley, NYSE president, dispels rumors that the NYSE is for sale and that it will close its trading floor. Speaking on CNBC, he also acknowledges that exchanges, including the NYSE, lost their way when it ...
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    Forex Clearing Slow in Coming

    U.S. and European regulators want more of the currency derivatives market to be centrally cleared. But they are taking their time finalizing the rules to clear forex derivatives trading. Gavin Wells, chief ...
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    Dark Pools Have Been ‘Perverted’: Sal Arnuk

    Acknowledging that dark pools play an important role, Sal Arnuk, partner at Themis Trading, says dark pools have been “perverted.” Speaking on Bloomberg’s “Market Makers,” he ...

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Quantitative Easing: Good for the Goose. But What About Liquidity?

Anthony J. Perrotta, Jr., TABB Group

There simply is nothing like a good old fashioned recession scare to bring out the most negative aspects of monetary policy. As Europe remains mired in a deflated state, the ECB has launched a $1 trillion quantitative easing program to ‘create the basis for growth.’ Precedent tells us two things:... Continue

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