17 April 2015

BATS’ Exclusive Listing Proposal a Reasonable and ...

Haim Bodek, Stanislav Dolgopolov, Decimus Capital Markets, LLC, Decimus Capital Markets, LLC

The BATS proposal to no longer offer trading in thinly traded stocks that maintain a primary listing on other U.S. stock exchanges is a reasonable and concrete approach for addressing the persistent problem of fragmentation in illiquid names. There are no glaring conflicts of interest to be concerned about; the solution is simply based on good business ... rest of story...



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Could Liquidity Itself Shape Fair and Efficient Market Structure?

There has long been a question of whether regulatory relief should set market structure to ameliorate market deficiencies or whether competitive forces are sufficient to lead to efficient and productive markets. One of the competitive forces that can help today’s equity markets is liquidity itsel... Continue

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