25 August 2014

The ‘Separate Entity’ Question and Swaps Trading ...

George Bollenbacher, Capital Markets Advisors

A well-known legal case in the commercial banking sector may have significant implications for clearing houses and other swaps market participants. rest of story...


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    Collateral Optimization in Light of Credit Risk Regulation and Clearing

    Quantifi Director of Research Dmitry Pugachevsky discusses the mandatory clearing of swaps and collateral optimization. He focuses on the basics of counterparty risk, Basel counterparty credit risk (CCR) ...
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    Taking Charge of Your Investable Resources

    In today’s hypercompetitive and highly regulated markets, it’s no longer enough for buy-side firms to rely on their brokers for portfolio and risk information. Today, the buy side is taking control ...
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    Innovation in Interest Rate Derivatives

    As increased capital and margin costs drive up the cost of trading swaps, the  buy side increasingly is turning to the exchange-traded market. Hirander Misra of GMEX, Eurex’s Renaud Huck and SGCIB ...

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Fixed Income Opinion & Analysis


Asset Shortage? A Closer Look at Flow Adjusted Float

Edward Talisse, Chelsea Global Advisors

The flow adjusted float of an asset class is a better and more representative proxy of the investable universe than the outstanding stock of such an asset. And if the difference between the two is large and growing, as is now the case, the investment implications are profound. Continue

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