26 March 2015

HFT Fears, Though Easing, Persist One Year After ‘Flash ...

Nicholas Colas, ConvergEx Group

Though the industry continues to grapple with a complex and challenging market structure, a year after ‘Flash Boys,’ fewer people now believe that ‘the house is on fire.’ ConvergEx’s 2015 U.S. Equity Market Structure ‘Flashback’ Survey found that 57% of industry participants say the markets are not fair for all participants, down from ... rest of story...


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    Wall Street High-Speed Arms Race No-Win Situation: Saluzzi

    Themis Trading Partner Joe Saluzzi, speaking on Bloomberg’s “In The Loop,” says the high-speed arms race on Wall Street is a no-win situation. But he blames a fragmented market structure, not ...
  • Rail_thumb_lewis

    Michael Lewis: Exchanges Sell Speed Advantage

    One year after the release of “Flash Boys,” author Michael Lewis continues to challenge high-frequency trading and front running. Speaking on “Bloomberg Surveillance,” he says ...
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    HFT 'Is Simply a Means': Steve Forbes

    Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes discusses Wall Street and high-frequency trading. Speaking on “Bloomberg Surveillance,” he acknowledges the value HFT brings to the market ...

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Taming the CAT: Selecting the CAT Processor

Shagun Bali, TABB Group

The vendor selection process is at the heart of the overall success of the CAT project. Here are the key selection criteria that the SROs need to consider when choosing a CAT processor. Continue

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