17 October 2014

Decoding the German HFT Act: A Guide to Regulating ...

Megan Morgan, Eurex

The intention of Germany’s ‘High-Frequency Trading Act’ was not to ban HFT. Rather, it has been progressive in putting into place parameters, definitions and guidelines to strengthen the markets and offers a start to understanding how to better regulate manipulative behavior in electronic markets. ... rest of story...


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    Adapting to New Dark Pool Rules

    European regulators are set to finalize rules for regulating dark pools. Rob Boardman, European chief executive of broker ITG, explains to the FT’s Philip Stafford how the market will adapt to the likely ...
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    BattleFin - The Making of a Quant: Mark Angil of RBD Adaptive

    The mental fortitude (as opposed to technical ability) it takes to run a successful quantitative investment program took Mark Angil of RBD Adaptive by surprise. He says trading is at least 50% psychological - this ...
  • Rail_thumb_jim

    New Rules Needed for High-Tech Trading

    US regulators’ high-profile focus on high-frequency trading and dark pools has reined in predatory excesses and helped restore some investor confidence in the market, says Jim McCaughan, chief executive ...

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Outsourcing to Help Boutique Asset Managers Overcome Regulatory Burden

Rebecca Healey, TABB Group

The ability to comply with regulation is now the main challenge to a boutique asset manager looking to expand its global footprint or product range. However, new partnerships are emerging that will allow smaller firms to punch above their weight both in terms of geographic reach and product scope... Continue

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