29 October 2014

Pursued By a Bear: Implications of Banks Leaving the Traded ...

With investment banks winding down or selling off their energy trading divisions, there is a void developing in the traded market. What are the reasons for the banks’ exit, what will be the impact on market participants, and how might the market respond to these changes over time? rest of story...


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    Big Data Analytics and Back-Office Alpha

    The analysis of more and richer data yields more-timely and more accurate decisions, notes Actian CTO Mike Hoskins. And while big data analytics have become a staple in the front office, they are just beginning to ...
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    Voice Trading Gets New Life

    Despite the meteoric rise of electronic and algorithmic trading, voice trading still has a place in the markets, notes Jack Bloch, head of development trading and dispatch at Unify, who points to smaller trading ...
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    Commission Unbundling – What Does It Mean for the Industry?

    In the push for transparency, regulators are proposing much tougher unbundling rules to make asset managers think harder about how they spend clients’ money. Tim Wildenberg, CEO of Neonet, a specialist ...

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Energy Market Data Explosion Brings Opportunities, But at a Cost

Matt Simon, TABB Group

Increased transparency will have a positive impact on energy trading as markets expand, competition increases and trading costs decline. But market participants must be able to manage the increased costs of attaining data against the benefits it ultimately provides. Continue

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