• Rail_thumb_andy-nybo

    The Evolution of Options Strategies on the Buy-Side Trading Desk

    Liquidity in the options market has become a major concern for institutional investors, and the challenge is only increasing as market fragmentation proliferates. Speaking with CBOE TV correspondent Angela ...
  • Rail_thumb_imandra

    The Science of Correct Algorithms

    With Reg SCI turning up the pressure on the markets to ensure automated trading technology is sound, Aesthetic Integration has introduced Imandra. In this brief product video, the firm explains that Imandra ...
  • Rail_thumb_joseph_wald-clearpool-execution_transparency-redefining_the_algo-wlt-march31-2015

    Execution Transparency: Redefining the Algo

    With the automation of the markets came expectations of greater transparency. But as algorithms split orders into smaller and smaller pieces, it becomes more difficult to trace order flow through the fragmented ...

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